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Gerry Gostenik



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Frequently Asked questions

When and where will we launch?

Because of weather and fish activity it is impossible to let you know where we will be launching weeks in advance. Standard procedure is to call me (313-319-0100) the evening before our trip is scheduled to discuss our plans for the following day. I make every effort to put you on the best fish given the conditions.

How many people can go?

Because all guiding is done out of bass boats two adults is the maximum for bass fishing trips. 1 adult and 2 children also works for bass fishing trips. Rates quoted are for the daily rate regardless of how many people. 1 additional angler (3max) for walleye trips at no additional charge.

I am flying in how do I meet you?

For those out of town customers I am the only guide service that will pick you up from your hotel. It is your responsibility to get to your room via one of the many shuttle services that are available at metro airport. Please let me know in advance if you need to be picked up from your hotel. This service is only available to clients that have flown in and do not have ground transportation.

What if it rains?

All weather cancellations are my decision. Rain suits are provided if you do not have one. We do not cancel trips because of rain.

Can we keep the bass?

Great Lakes Bass Fishing is a guide service and not a charter trip. Every effort is made to release every bass caught in good shape to fight again another day. We do not use live bait which promotes gut hooking and is considered unsporting. Artificial baits only for all bass trips.

Do we need a Canadian Fishing license?

Many trips require a Canadian Fishing License. I will let you know in advance if we need to get one for your trip.

Do we need a Passport to fish in Canada?

No. As long as we do not land on Canadian soil we can fish in Canadian water without a passport. If you plan to drive into Canada by car then you will need a Passport. I will mention however if you plan on making the Detroit Area a frequent travel destination it may be a good Idea to have one. I got my from my local post office with little trouble.