Fishing Trips Designed for Kids

Largemouth bass fishing guide trips on Lake St. Clair near Detroit, Michigan

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trips for Kids

Smallmouth bass are an excellent choice when choosing which species of fish to target when taking young anglers. In general, smallmouth are usually willing biters and the techniques used to catch them are fairly simple. The bass are usually caught by simply drifting through the schools of fish while dragging a tube jig. Even if someone has no experience, they usually get the hang of it fair quickly. For the most consistent fishing, book your trip in advance for May or June. Smallies are in their pre-spawn to post-spawn faze at this time and are fairly easy to locate. This is a popular time however so schedule your trip well in advance if possible. The little guy to the right flew in from Iowa with his dad for the weekend for a father and son trip. Day one they managed to land about 45 smallies from Lake St. Clair. The next day we hit the River for some silver bass fishing were they boated well over 300 fish. The last day we headed back to St. Clair were we managed just over 100 smallies. The fishing is not always that good but we try to make it.


Largemouth bass fishing guide trips on Lake St. Clair near Detroit, Michigan

Largemouth Bass Fishing Trips for Kids

Largemouth bass are another option when planning a bass fishing trip for kids in the Metro Detroit area. Though they are a little tougher to catch, they are a lot of fun to target. When planning a trip for kids, spring and fall are when we focus on the largemouth since at those times they are very predictable as to their locations. In spring we generally target them by casting and retrieving spinnerbaits and buzzbaits over spawning flats. In fall as the largemouth start grouping up for winter, we'll catch them on Texas rigged senkos and dropshot rigs. Some casting ability is required so I generally save the largemouth fishing for kids with a little more experience. The father and son duo to the right experienced first hand what kind of largemouth fishing is available on the Great Lakes. Their goal was to catch one big largemouth. 40+ fish later they managed that goal multiple times.


Largemouth bass fishing guide trips on Lake St. Clair near Detroit, Michigan

Silver Bass Fishing Trips for Kids

If you are planning a spring time fishing trip in the Detroit Metro area and plan on taking kids or beginner anglers, consider one of our silver bass trips. Every spring, silver bass migrate into the Detroit River from Lake Erie by the millions. This is a great time to get a kid or new angler hooked on fishing. The action is usually none stop to the point that at times a fish can be hooked literally every cast. Many trips see catches in the hundreds. Silvers are pretty easy to catch, and keep the younger ones attention fairly well and at the same time is a lot of fun for grown-ups to catch also. The technique used is to cast and retrieve artificial lures such spinnerbaits and grubs through the huge schools of bass. Most strikes are visual and add to the excitement. Lots of fun!!!



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